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A Day in the Life

Судьба человека - его характер

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Nuggets from Jan
"...Science can explain lots of things, but after they have explained something about the world or about life, there is always a further problem that we do not understand. There is no end to it: science cannot explain everything. So I come to the conclusion that the mystery of life and of nature will remain a mystery. They say that life started in a broth of proteïns I do not know how long ago. But why it started or how, remains unexplained. Or that our universe started with a big bang. But what is there beyond our universe? Is there anybody who can imagine that? I summarise therefore my belief or understanding as follows: the mystery of life and death and the magnificence of nature are incomprehensible for us and will remain so. The question therefore shifts to: what do we do with this mystery? Some call it God and build a religion on it, including a moral system with rules for social behaviour, others call it something else and do something else with it; there are many possibilities which I cannot enumerate. But this mystery is there and remains there: we cannot escape from it. It is there and we have to live with it. So I call it Mystery, look from time to time at the night sky and say to myself this is a mystery I cannot and need not explain or understand. And leave it aside. But, I do not think that you can call me an atheist. In my thinking with this broad definition of God, atheism does not exist. Everybody has to face this Mystery one way or another. Organised religion does not help me any further since for me it just puts another word in the place of Mystery..."

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